Another day, another few photos.

Isobel’s six days old and already almost back to her birth weight! She sleeps for hours on end and hasn’t cried very much yet either. The weird thing is – only other people’s crying babies are annoying! If she’s crying it’s just because she can’t ask for what she wants yet.

Sanne’s slowly recovering from everything.

The cats have met the intruder!

And Isobel is having fun in her new house.

And her Dutch grandparents are over the moon too!

Their comment was buried down the page, so I’ll post it here:

Een prachtig kindje, onze kleine Isobel Mare Spencer!

Toen we ‘s middags de drieëntwintigste maart haar voor het eerst zagen, toonde ze direct al belangstelling voor haar omgeving en volgde ze met haar oogjes duidelijk de verschillende mensen, die rond Sanne”s (en haar) bed acte de présence gaven.

Toen zuster Inge haar aankleedde, protesteerde ze eventjes, maar daarna ging ze tevreden in haar ziekenhuiswiegje slapen.
Nu Sanne, Jeff en Isobel Mare in hun eigen huis fijn onder elkaar zijn, ligt het kleine prinsesje heerlijk in haar hangwiegje te genieten!

And for the English-speaking world:

“A gorgeous child, little Isobel Mare Spencer!

When we first saw her, on the afternoon of March 23rd, she was already interested in her surroundings, following everyone around Sanne’s bed with her eyes.

When Nurse Inge dressed her she protested, for a moment, then went straight to sleep in the hospital cot. Now Sanne, Jeff and Isobel Mare are together in their own house, the little princess is enjoying every minute of it in her own hanging cradle.”

What’s that, you say – a hanging cradle? Yes indeed – check it out!
One of these, a Leander suspended cradle!

Three days old already!

They’re letting Sanne go home today, since she’s feeling much better and can walk again.
Isobel is doing well and even gained a bit of weight overnight – hooray!

And now for a few more photos:


Isobel Mare Spencer

Isobel Mare Spencer, 23 March 2011 at 10:51 am.
(Pronounced Ma-ruh for non-Dutch folks.)
3990 grams – that’s 8 pounds 12 in old money. Sanne will be in hospital for 5 or 6 days to recover from the Caesarian. SMS us for visiting hours!

Fixed up the nursery

The last few months have been filled with dust and paint, while we stripped the spare bedroom back to the outside brick, scraped the gloss off the ceiling and rebuilt the whole shebang. As anyone on facebook will have seen, it ended up looking pretty darn decent.

For the benefit of the folks back home, here are a few photos.