Building the Nursery

I can’t upload more than one pic at a time, but here’s a few for you guys back home.

This is the result of us stripping back the dirty old woodchip to reveal lovely plywood and fibreboard walls full of holes, nailed (with anything from 1 to 6 inch nails) to the bare bricks. Quality. We also found a door, buried under the wallpaper and leading into the back of our wardrobe in the next room!

We stripped it back and insulated the outside wall a bit.

Look – shiny insulation! (Before the polystyrene and hardboard and stuff)

Then we fixed the ceiling (which looked like THIS)

… and filled all the holes/ cracks in the walls. Glass fibre wallpaper over the lot of it…

… three coats of paint, some piano hinges, a ton of MDF and…Bob’s your uncle!

And now it’s just counting down…

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