WheeeeThis is taken before it started snowing again and being, like, -4 every day. We had one or two nice days when it was a scorching 6 or 7 degrees and had fun at the playground. Sanne took this one on the way home from the daycare – the colours are great!


Happy Christmas!

Seems like most of the photos are on the other camera card, or our telephones. Still, this one is reasonably sharp, so it’s better than nothing. At least you can see how big she’s getting!

Happy Christmas everyone!


Edelsmeden Leeuwarden

Ever since Parnas (the Arts Centre) closed, Sanne has been working on starting her own business up. Well, they’ve found an address and got the keys, and now the website is up and running. Well… there’s a placeholder site up to get the information out. The real site will come soon… promise!
You can check it out at – including a few photos of the master at work!

Ten months old already? Blimey!

She’s getting bigger… and the first teeth are visible!

Well, here she is in her new favourite top – which she got from Auntie Irene. It’s hand-knitted – by Irene? Must ring her and thank her! Isobel likes to pull the hood over her eyes, the push it back and play Peekaboo!

She’s also dragging herself around the floor now – not quite crawling, but she can get a fair rate of knots just by pulling herself along with her hands. Here she is clambering into a starting position.

And finally – a shot with a big toothy grin! Well… if you click on the photo and get the big version you can zoom in and see two teeth sticking out above the gums!