15 months old

And I do like this picture. Isobel is now running around like a bumper car and shouting the names of things. All beasts are either cats or bears, everything else is a door!

Quick update

Well, it’s June already! In the last month, Isobel has mastered the art of walking. Still no new teeth, though they are all visibly lurking under the surface.
Sanne’s dad took a gorgeous picture – hope you like it as much as we do!

One year old!

Friday 23rd of March was Isobel’s first birthday! Blimey – was that a year already?
We’d a birthday tea on Friday and then on Saturday we’d a proper party lunch – with Barbapapa birthday cake! After that we went to the city farm and she saw her first sheep, pigs, lambs, goats, horses, peacocks, swans and rabbits. She was knackered after all that!
She got all sorts of presents, wore a lovely dress from Auntie Irene, rode her pushbike, hammered with her new blocks and generally had a great weekend… and so did we!
On Sunday we hung up her swing (thanks Paul & Yvonne) and she was over the moon all over again.

Here’s a few photos to be going on with…

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