October – time for new photos

Hi everyone,

I’ve finally found some time to quickly upload a brace of photos. I know a brace is two and this is eleven – just enjoy the pics!
Hi to everyone in County Antrim, especially Isobel the First. Hope you’re doing okay, nanny! Also, many thanks to Paulene for helping me out getting over to the funeral.

And without further ado, here are a selection of photos expertly taken by Sanne.

And now some in the dress my mum bought 🙂

And a couple of my photos. Ciao!!

Has it been a month?

Well, we’ve been back to Norn Iron, and we’ve introduced Isobel to her namesake and Joe – which was priority numero uno. Isobel had a great time, Sanne and I had a great time, I still haven’t sent Cecil an email… business as usual! Thanks to everyone for letting us stay, feeding us and generally being great. We really appreciate it!

Here’s a pic from this evening for everyone who wants to see Isobel at 5 and a half months 🙂


Just back from Maastricht, getting ready for Norn Iron

After a lovely long weekend in a stately home in Maastricht (Sanne’s parents 40th anniversary) we’re back home and getting ready for a trip to Kells/ Bangor. We’re dure to make six million photos while we’re there, but in the meantime, here’s a few to be getting on with.

While she can’t crawl yet, she can lift herself off the ground on outstretched arms!

That’s us ready to put Isobel in the car.

… and her introduction to a lawn.

My current wallpaper 🙂

And that’s us showing Isobel the trees and fresh air.